Liquid Nitrogen Condensation Technology for VOC Treatment

What is VOC ?

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) with a boiling point of 50~260°C and a saturated vapor pressure of more than 133.32Pa

What is LIN Cryogenic Condensation for VOC Treatment ?

Liquid nitrogen cryogenic condensation is a unique and proven solution for process exhaust streams containing VOCs. The principle of this technology is based on reducing the vapor pressure to a low temperature, and thus condensing and/or freezing the VOC by cooling the gas stream with liquid nitrogen or another cryogenic fluid.

  • Lower operating cost: Liquid nitrogen is usually used as a cooling source for condensate condensation. Since it circulates in a dedicated loop and never contact with wastewater, nitrogen will not be contaminated and can be easily reused in a gaseous form within the factory network.
  • Safety: low temperature condensation, Even in the presence of highly flammable compounds in wastewater or the environment, the equipment does not have a fire hazard because no ignition source is introduced in the process (as opposed to alternative processes such as thermal oxidation). Thanks to this unique characteristic unit, it is suitable for installation in ATEX classified areas without affecting the project.
  • Reliable solution: The equipment is highly adaptable and can handle various flow rates and VOC concentrations. The device can work under various operating conditions with minimal impact on normal operating costs. The fully developed automatic control system allows the factory to easily adapt to new working conditions.